When it comes to accessories, body jewelry is very hot right now. The popularity of piercing and vast array of location options means that anyone can enjoy the fun and expression that comes with wearing these types of jewelry. Whether you have one piercing or several, you need to be sure that your collection has you prepared for any situation that might arise.

Detail of the belly of a young woman wearing a navel piercingAs with the rest of your jewelry, you will want to have pieces that are appropriate for everyday wear as well as special occasions. While the jewelry used for the initial piercing will suffice in the beginning, you will likely want to find other body jewelry to wear once the site has finished healing. Your everyday pieces can be plain or have some type of gems.

Then, you will want to start adding to your collection of pieces for each piercing that you have. If you enjoy going to clubs and parties, you will want to find some items that will go well with your favorite outfits. Make sure that you think about how the jewelry will coordinate with the other jewelry that you are wearing. Your entire jewelry choices for the evening should have a consistent look.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun using a range of colors and styles. There are many different ways to bring cohesion to your accessories. After all, self-expression is a big part of the excitement when it comes to wearing jewelry.

In addition to being prepared for club nights out, you should also plan pieces for daytime events. Think of the fun you can have picking out cute designs featuring fruit or other summertime themes for your jewelry. If you have multiple piercings or wear other pieces of jewelry, you can create several different sets to complement your wardrobe, whether you are going to a picnic with friends or spending the day in business meetings.

When you are shopping for new pieces, it is important that you know what you are looking for. With the wide piercing choices people have today comes an equal array of jewelry options. This means that you need to know about the piercings you have, including the name and size. This information will allow you to narrow your search parameters to find the correct jewelry for your piercings.

A professional piercing shop will provide all of the information you need when you have the work done. If you have lost the paperwork, you can contact the shop or look online to find out the name of the piercing. With some jewelry types, you will need to understand how the two pieces can be threaded, and which you prefer.

Wearing jewelry is a great form of expression and a fun way to accessorize your outfits each day. Make sure that you have plenty of attractive pieces in your collection for all of your piercing sites. Then, you will be ready to shine no matter what occasion might arise!