As a senior in high school, few things are more important at the end of the school year than the prom is. The prom is a magical time to be spent among friends and everything has to be perfect. However, once the tickets are bought and the realization sets in that all prom-related costs can be quite expensive, it’s easy to start panicking. The ideas below can calm the mind so that the focus can be on enjoying the dance and ambiance without stressing too much over money.

Prices for bracelets, tiaras, necklaces and other common jewelry related to the prom ensemble can be astronomical for a teenager. Luckily, one needs not splurge on real stones if they just can’t afford it. Costume jewelry can provide a sensible and more affordable alternative, especially if the jewelry will only be worn at the prom.

This kind of jewelry can be purchased in a number of places, from some big box stores to department stores at the mall. There are even tiny shops and kiosks that offer some extravagant pieces that look real but fall into the costume category. For even greater savings, a person can try the thrift shops located in the area. They may be surprised to see some very nice pieces to choose from. And added bonus of getting it from a thrift shop is that often they are vintage pieces that no one else at the prom will have.

When selecting costume jewelry, it’s important to not only think about whether one likes it, but also about whether it is suitable for the dress one has chosen. In addition, the type of jewelry will make a difference. If the prom gown is very modern and trendy, a classic pearl necklace might not be quite right; in that case, a y-strand necklace or pendant may work better.

Check With Dry Cleaners and Thrift Stores For Dresses

It could surprise a person to find out that some local dry cleaners offer previously used gowns to those who don’t want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their prom dresses. These dresses have already been cleaned and minor flaws have already been repaired, so it is like buying something new. It’s not a sure bet that these types of places will have something that is ultimately purchases, but there could be some hidden gems that could work beautifully.

Wrist corsages and small bouquets of flowers are typically worn or carried by young women and a boutonnière is worn by the young men. Roses are often the standard for these pieces, but they can often cost more than twice as much as other flowers. Carnations are often a suitable and attractive choice instead; when they are fully blooming, they look large and bountiful.

Hopefully, the suggestions for the prom detailed here will help prom-goers to save some money on their ensembles. Being able to focus less on money and more on the event itself can be a welcome relief to everyone involved.